Achim Steiner Adaptation Innovation Marketplace Launch

With Initial funding from the Adaptation Fund, Global Environment Facility, and European Commission, the Adaptation Innovation Marketplace aims to accelerate innovative technologies, practices, and Business models for locally-led climate change adaptation. The marketplace builds on the innovative approaches of the Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator, a joint initiative between UNDP and UNEP-CTCN, that provides grants up to US$250,000 to over 50 non-profit organizations, civil society organizations and other locally led climate initiatives.

About Us

  • Consensus on the need to accelerate locally led adaptation emerged at the back-to-back Gobeshona Conference and Climate Adaptation Summit in January this year.
  • The Adaptation Innovation Marketplace (AIM) was launched by UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner at the latter. It is a symbolic yet strategic initiative that promotes scaled-up adaptation at the local level, focusing on civil society, non-government organizations, and women and youth innovators. The marketplace crowds in resources, know-how and support to facilitate local access to climate change finance.

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