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The Adaptation Innovation Marketplace

Consensus on the need to accelerate locally led adaptation emerged at the back-to-back Gobeshona Conference and Climate Adaptation Summit in January this year.

The Adaptation Innovation Marketplace (AIM) was launched by UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner at the latter. It is a symbolic yet strategic initiative that promotes scaled-up adaptation at the local level, focusing on civil society, non-government organizations, and women and youth innovators. The marketplace crowds in resources, know-how and support to facilitate local access to climate change finance.

The AIM platform is made possible through UNDP’s partnerships with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development , the Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change , the Global Resilience Partnership , the Climate-Knowledge Innovation Community , and UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). It also has a strong connection to many UNDP initiatives such as Youth CO:Lab, Finance Sector Hub and UNDP Small Grant Programme.

Accelerating action

UNDP actively supports over US$1 billion in climate resilience investments from donors such as the Green Climate Fund , the Global Environment Facility and the Adaptation Fund , as well as bilateral and multilateral partners including the European Union . UNDP’s climate change adaptation projects span close to 100 countries, including 43 least developed countries and 14 small island developing states, and have supported more than 19 million people in building more resilient lives and livelihoods.

Platform Process Map


Build Capacity

Centralized capacity building:
  • Gender focused adaptation enterprise development
  • Based of pyramid adaptation enterprise development
  • System thinking and social innovation
  • Climate risks aligned business strategy
  • Investment presentation
  • Mentorship database and connection

Network and Advocacy

Global & National network:
  • Annual networking and knowledge sharing event
  • Sharing success in international events
  • Exit event with global investors/donors
  • Access to leading platforms with investors/donors
  • National Event with UNDP Country Office

Tailored Support

Individual Tailored Acceleration:
  • Tailored capacity building proposed by grantee
  • International sourced technical support
  • UNDP Global Policy Network support
  • Dedicated advocacy strategy & support at grantee level
  • Potential scale up with climate funds
  • Act as a trusted partner. Help with negotiation with donors & investors

Risk Management

Micro level
  • Pre-screened by UNDP and partner networks
  • Detailed screening by Investment Committee with industry experts
  • Individual Acceleration plan for each grantee, milestone-based fund disbursement
Marco level
  • National and global policy engagement & de-risking
  • Enabling environment with other UNDP national projects/initiatives
  • Global partners for scale-up